World Quality Day 2017 – all about ‘Everyday Leadership’

Everyday leadership is the focus of this year’s World Quality Day, which will be celebrated on 9 November 2017. The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) has put leadership at the core of its Competency Framework and highlights the leadership behaviours that quality professionals undertake in their daily work.

One of these behaviours is stakeholder advocacy, which means being, “the conscience of the organisation, intervening whenever necessary to ensure customer and stakeholder requirements are addressed.” This will be very familiar to quality professionals, especially given the increased focus and requirements relating to organisational context and interested parties in ISO 9001:2015 – all elements of good governance.

The UK Institute of Directors’ (IoD) 2017 Good Governance Report was published recently with support from the CQI and is based on the Good Governance Index, which measures 47 indicators across five categories: Board Effectiveness; Audit and Risk/External Accountability; Remuneration and Reward; Shareholder Relations; and Stakeholder Relations.

Commenting on World Quality Day, Estelle Clark, Executive Director of Policy, CQI; Chair of the Technical and Advisory Board of LRQA, and a member of the Advisory Panel for the Good Governance Report, stated:

“Leadership is about how we strive to do our best and how we support others to do their best too. It is a behaviour and a skill to be developed - in the same way as the more technical elements of our role - and used daily to help us deliver impact for our organisations.”

Read the full IoD Good Governance Report at:

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