LRQA Standards Update: UNIFE announces timeline for upcoming ISO/TS 22163:2017 publication following decision to shift the requirements of IRIS to ISO

Following its decision to shift the requirements of the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) to ISO, UNIFE (The Association of the European Rail Industry) has announced the transition plans and timelines for the new ISO/TS 22163:2017 standard. The new standard is expected to be published and released in May 2017 and will feature a number of significant changes and improvements. These range from alignment with the ISO common text and high level structure found in Annex SL to enhancement of rail specific areas based on stakeholder feedback and sector development. 

Organisations currently certified to IRIS rev.02 will be required to successfully transition by 14th September 2018. The transition visit will include a readiness review and a certification audit which can be completed at a planned surveillance or recertification visit. Dependent on the actual publication date, transition visits could begin to take place from as early as June 2017.

LRQA Technical Manager QMS North Europe, Frans Dolmans, commented: “The decision to migrate from IRIS to ISO/TS 22163:2017 is a positive step that will result in a standard that acknowledges key developments within the rail arena and better aligns with recent ISO requirements. It will therefore provide organisations operating in the rail sector with a modern and transparent Quality Management System that focuses on continual improvement”.  

With all the major ISO standards being revised, LRQA is at the forefront of communicating the changes. We offer a range of assessment services as well public and in-house training courses, all aimed at helping to ensure that organisations worldwide have a smooth transition to the new standards.

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