LRQA ISO Standards Update: Revisions Summary

Once every five years or so, international management system standards enter the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) revision process. This six stage process is designed to allow stakeholders including technical experts, regulatory bodies and industry, shape the future direction of the standard.

Most recently, in September 2015, ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (environmental) were published after completing the revision process. Where those standards finished, others were just beginning and some of the most popular global standards are still under revision.

So where are these standards in the revision process and what happens next? Based on the current information provided by the ISO Technical and Project Committees, some of the key dates include:

  • October 2016 - AS 9100:2016 (aerospace) publication expected
  • December 2016 - ISO/TS 16949:2016 (automotive) publication expected
  • June 2017 - ISO/DIS 50001 (energy management) expected
  • November 2017 - Latest publication date of ISO 45001:2017 (occupational health and safety standard)
  • September 2018 - Transition deadline for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, AS 9100:2016 and ISO/TS 16949:2016

To help you keep track of the dates, download our full timeline.

Through our extensive range of training and assessment services, LRQA is helping organisations worldwide to migrate and transition to the new and revised ISO standards. For more information about the revisions, email us or visit our ISO Standards Revisions page.