LRQA Standards Update: Happy World Quality Day 2016!

Today, 10 November, marks World Quality Day, a global event run by the Chartered Quality Institute, whose vision is a world where all organisations optimise value for their stakeholders through excellence in governance, assurance and improvement. 

World Quality Day encourages organisations worldwide to celebrate their achievements in quality.  It is therefore timely to reflect on the publication of international quality management system standard ISO 9001:2015 almost fourteen months ago, and the opportunity it presents to organisations to make their management systems and associated supply chains even more powerful and beneficial, to raise their levels of performance and increase efficiency, and to improve customer satisfaction.

Organisations were given three years to transition to the revised standard.  That said, the clock is ticking, and the transition deadline of September 2018 is fast approaching.  

Forward-thinking businesses are leading the way, creating a competitive advantage in the eyes of their clients and employees.  Mapping out a transition plan to the new standard, including both training and assessment services, is positioning early adopters as the leaders in their industry in quality and risk management, as Tristan Cooke, Managing Director of Mila Maintenance explains; “It is not our way to wait to do something until we have to; we are very much being about innovative and progressive as a business and when we first heard about the new version of the ISO 9001 standard, we made a point of getting on board with it at the earliest possible opportunity.”

These market leaders are being driven by tangible business benefits that the revised standard delivers, coupled with the fact that if an organisation delays its move to ISO 9001:2015, then should anything happen to postpone a transitional assessment, they could possibly see their certificate expiring.

Steve Williams, LRQA Systems and Governance Manager, explained; “We are encouraging people to start the process. They may not complete it straight away; they may have an assessment which finds issues that take time to resolve, or there may be other external or internal factors which delay the transition. But if you start late, you might end up with your certificate expiring against the old standard before you’ve had a chance to transition to the new.”

LRQA is proud to be at the forefront of communicating the changes to the revised ISO 9001:2015 standard, and showcasing through the voice of our clients how our range of assessment services, as well public and in-house training courses, are not only helping them to have a smooth transition to the revised standard, but also to unlock the power of their management system to improve organisational performance and reduce risk.

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