Blog: Can technology help us to feed the world

In this blog, first published on The Crowd, Vincent Doumeizel, LRQA's VP for Food, Beverage and Sustainability, explores how we can work together to produce safe and sustainable food.

The food industry has the most complex supply chain – being both global and highly fragmented at the same time. Given this degree of complexity, it is difficult for food producers to have good visibility beyond their first tier of suppliers and they are unlikely to have any direct sight of the farmers and fisheries at the primary production stage. At this level, a large food brand may be supplied by hundreds of thousands of small suppliers, who are totally out of reach. We live in an era when food safety scares and sustainability scandals can rightly go viral on social media in a matter of hours, with long reaching consequences for the individuals affected and for the brands involved; it’s time for the food industry to find a new model to address these challenges.

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