ISO Standards Update: Happy World Standards Day!

Today, October 14, marks the 18th World Standards Day, an annual celebration of the thousands of experts who share their insight and expertise to develop international standards. The theme for 2015 is “Standards, the world’s common language.”

Organised by the World Standards Cooperation which is made up of three member bodies; International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), World Standards Day 2015 looks at the impact that standards have in our day to day lives and the benefits that they bring to organisations in the global market place.

This year, a competition was held for video submissions which showed the impact that standards have on all of us. The winning entry can be viewed here.

With major standards including ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental management) having been recently revised and ISO 22000 (food safety) and ISO 45001 (the new ISO standard for occupational health and safety, set to replace OHSAS 18001) under revision, organisations across the world are preparing to undertake transitional assessments or are learning more about how the revisions will impact their organisation’s management systems.

Steve Williams, LRQA System and Governance Manager spoke recently of the newly revised ISO 14001:2015 and its ability to meet the needs of modern organisations. Speaking about the ISO revisions, Steve said, “The ISO revisions process is the evolution of Management System standards, allowing them to better meet the needs of modern organisations and their complex global supply chains.”

As a member of the Independent International Organisation for Certification (IIOC), LRQA is proud to participate in all of the major committees helping to shape the future of the world’ leading ISO standards.

With all the major ISO standards being revised, LRQA is at the forefront of communicating the changes. We offer a range of assessment services as well public and in-house training courses, all aimed at helping to ensure that organisations worldwide have a smooth transition to the new standards.

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