LRQA at the Global Food Safety Conference: Takeaways

Following the conclusion of this year’s GFSI Global Food Safety Conference, Head of Supply Chain Services, Cor Groenveld sums up the highlights of the conference which saw over 950 leading food safety specialists from over 50 countries gather to advance Food Safety globally. 

“We had a two day annual Global Food Safety Conference here in Kuala Lumpur of GFSI and I must say it was, it was absolutely a great event. The first time in Asia and the thirteenth time that GFSI has organised these conferences, and it was time that we were in Asia because looking at the growing of our population from 7.3 billion to 9 billion people we will make, we have to make sure that we engage also this great continent in the food safety approach. 

And the takeaways of this conference, I think most important is the collaboration. The collaboration between retailers, manufacturers and their suppliers and all the organisations in the very, very complex food supply chain have to work together to make robust food safety management systems that are effective, and that you can have measurable benefits out of a food safety management system. And also to ensure that we reduce the food scares, because we still have food scares and we still have problems with the safety of the food.

So these are a number of very important takeaways that I learnt on this conference and all those great speakers from international organisations, but also from local Asian organisations. I think it was a great learning and a great event.”

If you were unable to attend this year’s conference, you can ask Cor a question directly on twitter. Follow us @LRQA and use #AskCor.

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