ISO Standards Update: Where are we with the revisions and what is coming next?

With so many ISO standards currently under revision and with so many different stages in the revisions process, it can become difficult to remember which standard has got to which stage in the process and when. Here, LRQA looks at the revision process for both ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) to give an overview as to what is currently going on and what will happen next. More information can be found at, which is the main website for the International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is currently at the Final Draft International Stage (FDIS), the fifth stage of a six stage process. This stage involves the ISO Technical Committee ISO/TC 176/SC 2 revising the standard, reviewing all of the comments received during the DIS vote in order to produce a final draft. Once the final draft is developed, the ISO/FDIS 9001:2015 will be published which will then be put forward to all ISO National Standard Bodies Members for voting. This is currently scheduled for July 2015. There is more information about the voting process on the ISO website. It is expected that the revised standard will be published in September 2015.

ISO 14001

Like ISO 9001, ISO 14001 recently moved to the FDIS stage and the first meeting to review the comments gathered from the DIS stage took place last month in Tokyo.

Following the conclusion of this meeting, a second meeting to review the remaining comments will take place in the UK in April. On completion of this meeting the final draft will be developed and the ISO/FDIS 14001:2015 will be published, which will then be put forward to all ISO National Standard Bodies Members for voting. It is expected that the published FDIS will be available in August/September 2015 with the final publication of ISO 14001:2015 currently due in late 2015.

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