LRQA at the Global Food Safety Conference: Technical Excellence; the key to our business

LRQA is both exhibiting and speaking at the GFSI Global Food Safety Conference which is being held for the first time in Asia. Now in its thirteenth year, the GFSI Global Food Safety Conference is a unique annual event bringing together over 950 leading food safety specialists from over 50 countries to advance Food Safety globally. The Conference provides the opportunity to meet and network with industry peers, share knowledge, benefit from thought-provoking presentations from internationally reputed industry experts and hear innovative ideas to implement in your workplace.

In an interview this afternoon, Cor Groenveld, LRQA’s Global Head of Food Supply Chain Services shared the work that he has been doing as a member of the GFSI Technical Committee Working Group. “One of the working groups of the GFSI Technical Committee is responsible for the GFSI guidance document, and we are currently working on its revision,” said Cor. The GFSI guidance document details the requirements for the GFSI-recognised certification schemes.

“Technical expertise is key to LRQA’s business. Our expertise and deep insight into the interface between people, systems and processes means that LRQA offers services that clients value and trust. The difference we make on projects - both large and small - has been vital in creating a safer food supply chain for today and for the future.”

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LRQA will be centre stage again tomorrow, in a session focused on third party certification, which is being moderated by Neil Marshall, GFSI Board Member and Global Director, Quality and Food Safety, The Coca-Cola Company.

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