LRQA Global Food Safety Conference: Shared responsibility through collaboration

LRQA shared a stage with Cargill and Metro Group in front of hundreds of food safety specialists who are in Kuala Lumpur through to 5 March for the GFSI Global Food Safety Conference. 

During the first major plenary session of the conference, LRQA’s Global Head of Food Supply Chain Services shared a stage with Cargill and Metro Group.  The session - entitled ‘Shared Responsibility through Collaboration’ addressed how every organisation in the food supply web has regulatory and professional responsibilities to their many different stakeholders, both upstream and downstream.

In this session, global manufacturer Cargill was joined by Kemin, one of their Asian suppliers and one of their retail clients (Metro) to share their experiences.

The recurring theme was the value of robust food safety management systems; “The risks, responsibilities and opportunities vary depending on the size, scale, and experience of each organisation,” said Cor Groenveld, “but from an assurance perspective, the power of collaboration can successfully manage food safety risks across the global food supply web.”

Speaking in front of a packed auditorium Cor highlighted how assurance delivers so much more than just a certificate.   “Independent assurance helps organisations manage their food safety and sustainability risks.  By understanding what really matters to organisations like Cargill, Kemin and Metro, we can help to improve their management system and their businesses at the same time.”

LRQA will be centre stage again tomorrow, in a session focused on third party certification, which is being moderated by Neil Marshall, GFSI Board Member and Global Director, Quality and Food Safety, The Coca-Cola Company.

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