LRQA certifies Defence Materiel Organisations’ - Maritime Acquisition Branch to International Quality Standard ISO 9001

Defence Materiel Organisations’ – Maritime Acquisition Branch has been certified to the international quality management system standard ISO 9001 by leading assurance provider LRQA. The certificate of approval was presented to Mr Dave Paliaga of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) by LRQA Area Manager Australasia, Malaysia & Thailand Maurice Laratro in Canberra in March.

The recognition follows several months’ development and implementation of updated quality management systems, and demonstrates the Maritime Acquisition Branch’s Quality Management leadership in the DMO and broader Defence Department.

ISO 9001 certification covers the whole of the Maritime Acquisition Branch’s operations, from program management, engineering, integrated logistics support, configuration management, verification and validation right through to project management and warehousing.

The audit involved obtaining objective evidence that standards are being applied within the workplace and also interviewing employees to ensure that they understand the quality management systems and how to extract any information they may need.

“We are proud to have successfully expanded our Quality Management System from the acquisition of Maritime Systems to include sustainment.  It is encouraging to receive positive independent assurance and Certification of our evolving system by the professional team at LRQA” said Mr Paliaga.

Laratro said “I was delighted to present the Maritime Acquisition Branch, of the Defence Materiel Organisation with this certificate for successfully achieving certification to the international quality management system standard ISO 9001.  We are seeing that smart organisations - like the Defence Materiel Organisation - recognise that by applying management systems to the heart of their business, the results are improved transparency of business and governance, risk mitigation and management best practice focusing on a performance culture.”
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