LRQA ISO Standards Revisions; Progress as ISO 14001 set for DIS Publication

Work is set to start on creating the environmental management system standard ISO 14001 (EMS) Draft International Standard (DIS) following confirmation from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) on an overwhelmingly positive ballot in moving the revision of the world’s most widely implemented EMS forward.

Commenting on this significant development, Steve Williams, Deputy Technical Director LRQA said, “All ISO members were balloted following our last technical meeting and I am delighted to report that after a three month balloting period, over 80% supported the move to take ISO 14001 to the DIS stage.”

The proposed changes to ISO 14001 include an increased emphasis on improving environmental performance, to include a greater focus on the organisational supply chain.  In addition, the revised standard will see organisations integrating environmental management into organisational strategy and decision making.

“These changes are in line with our expectations and we are pleased at the progress that is being made against the provisional timelines,” said Williams.  “There is a clear focus on the importance of senior management engagement - as is being introduced across other major standards - all of which is being underpinned with the common text and structure delivered through the incorporation of Annex SL.”

Steve Williams is a member of TC 207/SC1 WG5, representing the IIOC whose Chairman is Mike James, Managing Director LRQA.   The committee is responsible for the final development of the next version of ISO 14001. It is the role of the committee members to gather feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, interpret that feedback and then propose a way forward.  “The members of WG5 will review the comments received at our next meeting to be held from 25th February to 1st March 2014,” confirmed Williams.

Further information about the ISO Standard Revisions - to include blogs and round table discussions - will appear on  Alternatively, please email