TOMAL® case study

With customers all over the world, TOMAL® recognised at an early stage that quality management system (QMS) certification by a globally recognised body was key to the successful recruitment of new customers.

LRQA's Business Assurance approach to TOMAL®'s QMS has delivered tangible benefits to the company; comparative analysis of areas that deliver added value has revealed those targets for improvement that will have the greatest effect on the business.

The TOMAL® brand is built upon on many years of experience in delivering high quality solutions to customers' solids metering needs. It was therefore logical for TOMAL® to partner with a certification body such as LRQA that would reinforce the trust and reliability that customers associate with the TOMAL® brand.

As a result of achieveing ISO 9001 quality management system certification, TOMAL® has been able to:

  • respond to customer needs faster and more efficiently
  • secure new business, particularly with those sectors that demand demonstrable high quality within their procurement process.
  • respond quicker to enquiries from export customers with complex contractual demands, which has provided TOMAL® with a clear advantage over its competitors.