Brexit - Seamless Support

Making it easy for you to do business with LR during and after Brexit

At LR, we are committed to providing our clients continuity of service regardless of the outcome of the negotiation process and are taking all necessary actions to ensure this.

The UK and EU have yet to finalize the agreement for the UK to withdraw from the EU. There are two key areas of our activity that we are watching closely for any potential impact:

  • our work as Notified Body (NoBo) under various EU Directives and Regulations, and
  • as a Recognized Organization (RO) in the marine and offshore sector, which requires sponsorship by an EU flag.

Through our involvement in Standards Committees, Notified Body Forums and strong relationships with government and industry, we are able to stay closely involved with developments.

We will make it as easy as possible for our clients to maintain their NoBo and RO approvals, ensuring that they retain their access to EU and UK markets.

As negotiations progress, we will keep you updated both on this page and via our account managers and business support teams.

For specific areas of interest and further information please visit our global website.